Interactive Systems

In the age of the always-on mobile device, location focused interactive entertainment has never been more relevent. We create engaging interactive systems that tie together location detection technology, media delivery systems, personal mobile devices, and show control and actuation systems. Blended seamlessly with your creative content.

Controls Engineering

Whether your project calls for traditional A/V, Show, & Ride engineering, or sophisticated customized tools, let our expertise help you take control.

Native App and Web App content delivery

Our location aware systems work with web browser based, no-app-necessary content delivery mechanisms as well as multimedia rich native mobile applications. Let us cultivate and implement your next mobile device experience.

Welcome to the Neverwood. Powered by SOLOMO.

The Neverwood is our flagship product. It integrates multiple location detection technologies, including RFID, Bluetooth Beacon, and Wifi Proximity Detection, under a cohesive extendable system.

Content Delivery APIs

Whether your content delivery uses native applications, webapps, game logic servers, or A/V systems, we have an API to empower your content delivery system with the Neverwood.

Show System Integration

Great Interactives come alive when lights, A/V, and actuation respond to your guests’ gameplay. Regardless of your show systems of choice, the Neverwood can deliver.

Data Analytics

Park-Ops matter too. The Neverwood provides data acquisition to empower real-time crowd flow analytics.

Powered by SOLOMO

The Neverwood is built upon SOLOMO’s tried and true experience. Thanks to SOLOMO, the Neverwood is robust, cutting-edge, and continually improving.

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The value of the TEA’s codex series

The Themed Entertainment Association recently published the first skills codex video via their youtube channel. The video offers excellent advice on the fundamentals of networking skills for incoming nextgen members from a vast array of trusted industry experts. While the codex series is primarily targeted at the incoming nextgen members, its potential extends well beyond the utility proposed on […]

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